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Dining Update

2016-10-18 09.57.49
2016-10-18 09.57.49

These dining chairs were in the plans for a new remodel, but needed to be lighter.

2016-10-13 14.57.10

The parson chair has a simple skirt with back pleats - the piping was extra small.

2016-10-18 10.12.31

The wing back has a matching skirt - love the shape of this chair.

2016-10-24 12.21.03-1

The entire set was done in a flax-colored linen.  All chairs are lined.

2016-10-24 12.21.03-1

2016-10-24 12.21.03-1

Chaise in Butter Linen

2016-09-27 08.48.02

This chaise was in excellent shape and one of the favorite chairs in the house.

2016-10-04 12.15.43

We squared off the back cushion by detaching it and adding a boxing strip.

2016-10-04 12.15.43

Welting and a tailored skirt make this a classic.

2016-10-04 12.15.09

Linen Look Chair and Ottoman

2016-09-13 15.03.48

Good Bones - but needed an updated and fresh cover.

2016-09-26 16.13.08

She chose a blue-gray linen-look.  All Polyester makes this easy care.

2016-09-26 16.13.51

With a new boxed back cushion, welting and a tailored skirt, this chair is new again.

Reading Chair Transformed

2016-08-17 17.28.38

Good bones and comfort - but this chair needed an update.

2016-08-17 18.01.35

We detached the back cushion and slipstitched some fabric to cover the hole.

2016-08-17 18.01.44

Next, the skirt was removed using vice grips and a screw driver.

2016-08-31 10.27.50

We boxed out the back cushion for an update.

2016-08-31 10.27.50

The khaki denim works great on this chair.

2016-08-31 10.27.50

And a short, flirty skirt adds some fun to this classic.

Brooke's Sleek Sofa Transformation

2016-07-13 19.28.02

This cream sofa got a new cover for this Family Room.

2016-07-13 19.28.34

This upholstery fabric worked out great.

2016-07-13 19.28.50

No skirt, no piping, no frills.  Pure function for boys in the basement.

Ikat and a Mission Chair

2016-05-09 18.06.44

Leather gets a Softer Look

2016-05-21 13.06.51

This classic leather sofa was still comfortable, just not fitting with the new look.

2016-05-28 13.23.37

Khaki bull denim was just the thing.  This helped her achieve a lighter, brighter space.

Neutral Denim Update

2016-05-06 17.38.14


2016-05-27 11.05.14

After - in cream bull denim.

2016-05-27 11.07.58

And, look,  . . . . it's a sofa bed.

Lodge Furniture for Camp Lutherhaven

2016-04-22 08.11.13

Camp Lutherhaven  was gifted this chair.

2016-04-22 08.11.47

It, and the ottoman were well loved, but perfect for their lodge.

2016-04-25 10.46.20

This green plaid gave the perfect "lodge" feel.

2016-04-25 10.46.45

2016-04-25 10.47.22

The Marriage of a Chair and Sofa via White Denim

2016-03-15 16.38.39

This chair had seen better days, . . . .and

2016-03-15 16.53.32

she wanted to pair it with this sofa, which also needed an update, . . .

2016-03-26 14.03.54

so white denim with classic welting and tailored skirt,

2016-03-29 17.23.35

brought these two together.  I love it when you can re-use already loved pieces.