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Age and Beauty


This sofa is 60 years old and in perfect shape.  Small profile and very comfortable.

2014-10-30 07.54.37

Carey wanted a little bit of an updated look in a linen-look polyester.

2014-10-30 07.55.27

The profile on this sofa was narrower at the bottom, so we put in some Velcro to keep the custom, tight fit.

2014-10-30 07.54.50

The piping and lower skirt really set off this sofa’s lines.

Curvy Chic

2014-10-20 10.53.39
Alexa’s sofa is a classic, but super unique shape.

2014-10-23 12.50.34

Add this gorgeous linen, and it becomes a little softer.

2014-10-23 12.50.44

2014-10-23 12.51.43

2014-10-23 12.52.10

Creamy and soft and rejuvinated

Sofa and Loveseat Get an Update

2014-10-08 12.37.15

Susan’s sofa set that was still in great condition and comfortable.

2014-10-15 19.30.11

Classic Piping and Traditional Skirt is what she ordered.

2014-10-15 19.33.28  2014-10-15 19.33.58

Rolled Arms and Back

2014-10-15 19.30.20

Small Change, Big Effect

2014-10-02 12.16.02

This chair was made for a slipcover.  Beth had never used the slipcover it came with, because it wasn’t the right “look” for her space.

2014-10-02 12.23.05
I love this linen.  After it was washed, it was so soft and gave this chair so much texture.

2014-10-02 12.23.13
The bottom of the chair had Velcro and we decided to utilize it.  The fit was perfect – hard to tell it’s a slipcover.

2014-10-02 12.24.11
2014-10-02 12.24.37

2014-10-02 12.22.55