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Matching Set for an Amazing Sister

My sister is in China.  They are bringing home the newest member of their family soon.  Their family is amazing.  I wanted to do something – a slipcover seemed like the most obvious solution.  Really, a slipcover?  I know.  She leaves the country and I re-decorate her home.  It definitely won’t help their transition, but maybe it will be a little “treat” for her when she gets home. 


This was her sofa before – I did this slipcover several years ago before I knew what I was doing – we just kind of jumped in.  She’s had this sofa forever.  We thought it was on it’s way out when the bottom caved in.  That’s when we found another sofa and slipcovered it in some great black denim.  In the meantime, this one sat on the outskirts of their family room until one day Dad came by with some boards and built up the base.  Good as new.  The only problem now – it didn’t match the other sofa.  I know, real dilemmas . . . .


Problem solved.

Enough room for the whole family, now.


There are more ways than one to end up with a “matching set.”

I love Moo


Remember my sleek business cards?  They were designed by my brother, Sean and printed by Moo.  I love Moo.  I have the mini cards, but they have all sorts of products.


My brother designed this postcard for me.

Now I can say Thank You with style.  You’ll want to check out Moo.

Monique’s Cabin Chairs

010 011

Monique and her family inherited four of these when they bought their lake cabin.
I can see the potential – they have a  great shape.  We started with two of them.


I love the fabric she picked out, and you know I like a great knife-edge pleat.


This pleat was cut out using the sides of leftover fabric, centered over the small stripe.


Ironically, my favorite is the back cushion which we originally thought might be a problem.


It’s tufted – actually faux-tufted.  A covered button is sewn onto the original pillow form and then button holes are sewn onto the slipcover.  I got this idea from another client’s sofa I will be working on soon.  What a great way to have a slipcover and maintain the look of a tufted pillow.


Cute and comfy – just what you need at the lake.