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New Arrival: Pfaff 145


This arrived sometime in February.  It is quite a find and after much research and digging, I have found a Pfaff 145.  I’m expecting it will change my life.


It can sew through 4-6 layers of leather and 12 layers of canvas.  Amazing.


It is a compound walking feed which means that with all of those layers, it will keep everything even which is going to be such a benefit when sewing through all of the layers that a slipcover creates.

Have you got a piece of furniture, you’ve been dying to change with a slipcover?
Bring it on!





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SWEET Machine Cassie. If you dont have a servo motor, you might want to consider getting one vs. a clutch motor, you will be able to get much more speed control out of the servo. Good luck with your sewing. Say Hi to the family!


Wow, what a beautiful machine! I'll be dreaming of this till I get mine. I have a sewing machine that used to belong to my mother but I can't more than 2 layers on it and denim is tricky too; I've broken 2 needles trying to sew dome denim shorts.

I just got a reconditioned Juki LU-562. Demo'd it with 8 layers of leather! I am so excited to get started with it!


That's great. A good machine makes all the difference. I LOVE mine and this morning I was just thinking how great it is that I have a dependable machine with all of the work I have!

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