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New Arrival: Pfaff 145


This arrived sometime in February.  It is quite a find and after much research and digging, I have found a Pfaff 145.  I’m expecting it will change my life.


It can sew through 4-6 layers of leather and 12 layers of canvas.  Amazing.


It is a compound walking feed which means that with all of those layers, it will keep everything even which is going to be such a benefit when sewing through all of the layers that a slipcover creates.

Have you got a piece of furniture, you’ve been dying to change with a slipcover?
Bring it on!






These lovely pillows are headed for Maui.  I’m so jealous.


Courtney is decorating her rentals and I think these are perfect.  Piping and zippers and lots of fun, tropical fabrics are just the thing to brighten everything up.  Most of the fabrics are indoor/outdoor and will hold up well with people and weather.