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The pillows are finished.  I’m sure they’ll keep changing, but I like them for now.


Premier Prints Suzani, TJ Maxx find, and Ampersand embroidered by Mom.


Premier Prints Chipper, and a jacquard from Jo-Ann’s.

Great tutorial on inserting a zipper with piping on a pillow here and here and here.

Chair Pad Revival for a Special Person



This chair pad has been well-used.  It belongs to our amazing piano teacher.  It was ready to retire, so I scooped it up before Christmas Break and offered to make her a new one.  Amazingly, she had the original fabric, still on the roll in the closet. Easy.

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She was thrilled to have a new one, and kept commenting on how she never realized how thin her old one had become.
Sometimes these are the best projects – little effort, big reward.