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My New Work Horse

Ask anyone, I have some of the best work horses around . . . .

CAM_9882 CAM_9932
CAM_9944 CAM_9915

Aren’t they adorable?  Really, pretty good workers, too.  I’m sure they sometimes compare their work experiences here at home with David Copperfield’s experiences in the factories.


But, this week, I got a whole new work horse.  I’m sure it will pretty much become like a member of the family.
It is my first big purchase in this new adventure of starting a business.  Can you tell I’m a little excited?


It’s an Industrial Overlock Machine (Serger), and I’m in love.


It ain’t pretty, but it is a beautiful piece of machinery.
I’ve already used it on a project and I’m wondering how I ever did any of my slipcovers without it.


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This is so adorable ! You have done a fantastically good job! Well done! http://www.copyparadise.com/A5-flyers/

How do you like this serger? I just bought a reconditioned Wilcox & Gibbs 5 thread serger. It makes a really wide locking seam & I can do construction with it without actually sewing. I had to have the speed turned down though. It sews lightning fast and I am not willing to lose my fingers under the blades!


Actually I'm in the process of selling this one - it has worked great, but I need something a little more heavy-duty. So, I now use a Brother overlock industrial and I love it.

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