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Living Room Slipcover


Our living room sofa has been with us since Jessamyne was born – almost 14 years.  It was a brushed twill.  Not good for a baby – make that 4 babies.  7 years ago, I decided it needed a slipcover.  It was my first slipcover project.  I copied a denim cover in Pottery Barn.


My mom came to Sandpoint to help me.  We weren’t sure it could be done.  But, we did it and we were really proud of it.


We even topstitched with heavy duty orange thread, you know, the kind used on jeans.


But over the years, it has faded and it is worn from all of the washings and kid clean-ups.

Now, the sofa cushions are a little saggy and there is a spring sticking out of the back.  But, it is still comfy and it has a good shape.  So, it was time to make another slipcover – probably the last one this sofa will see.






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