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Remember this lovely white, embroidered fabric?


Look how great the other side is.  I love the texture.


A little piping and a pillow form, and voila!  A whole new look to go with a great denim sofa.


Two of these should do.  When you find fabric you love, never rule out the other side.
Even though Caleb’s shirts don’t look great inside-out, I think inside-out is just what these pillows needed.

Special Delivery


I got a package today.  That’s not super unusual, because I do like to shop on the internet.


But, these were inside.


I was feeling a little giddy by the time that I got this far.


Now, I’m super giddy and anxious to dig inside.


One more step toward this little business of mine – my own business cards.


These are MiniCards by MooSean is the designer.  I love them.  Can you tell I’m excited to hand them out?

Sharon’s Damask Chair-and-a-Half


This chair-and-a-half is so comfortable.  Sharon has spent many sessions with her grandchildren, reading in this chair.
She just needed it to match her new, gorgeous bedroom.


The patterns and colors are so elegant – they really make this chair as beautiful as it is comfortable.


The fabric was a great weight and works well with the simple lines of this chair.


I love how the patterns matched up on the ottoman and the chair.

sharon6 sharon9

And here it is in her new Italian Villa on the Palouse Prairie.  A comfortable chair for an elegant retreat.

Chic Denim Cover for a Dated Sofa

My friend just happened to get new furniture, the same week that she stopped by my house for book club and noticed my new sofa slipcover.  She asked if I wanted more projects, and since Jessica was in need of a sofa, I couldn’t refuse.


We started out with a forest green chenille sofa.  It was free, after all.  Still plenty comfy – just a little dated.
Speaking of dated, what do you think of my mauve/pink faux finish basement walls?


This black denim brings this little sofa into the here and now.


This is going to look great in Jessica’s Family Room.  I love this fabric.  It looks great as-is, or even inside-out.
Hmmm, that’s an idea for my basement – eventually.

My New Work Horse

Ask anyone, I have some of the best work horses around . . . .

CAM_9882 CAM_9932
CAM_9944 CAM_9915

Aren’t they adorable?  Really, pretty good workers, too.  I’m sure they sometimes compare their work experiences here at home with David Copperfield’s experiences in the factories.


But, this week, I got a whole new work horse.  I’m sure it will pretty much become like a member of the family.
It is my first big purchase in this new adventure of starting a business.  Can you tell I’m a little excited?


It’s an Industrial Overlock Machine (Serger), and I’m in love.


It ain’t pretty, but it is a beautiful piece of machinery.
I’ve already used it on a project and I’m wondering how I ever did any of my slipcovers without it.

Piping and Pleats–That’s what this Chair is All About

This chair looks great, as-is, but Kirsten wanted to be able to change the look of her living room, seasonally.  That’s the great thing about slipcovers – if you’re tired of them, you can pack them away for a while. 


I love the lines and look of this chair.  The legs are great – we didn’t want to hide those.


Piping on the rolled arms and a knife-edge pleat at the bottom, really dress up this natural twill.


I love the lines.


More lovely lines and curves.


This chair has a twin and Kirsten has picked out some fabulous fabric for bolster pillows.
I can’t wait to see it in her room.

Makenna’s Funky and Furry Chair

Makenna saw this chair at Pottery Barn Teen, and she had to have it.  It’s a furlicious chair.

img1m (1)

So, Brandy (her mom) bought this chair at Goodwill,


painted the legs a nice chrome color,


and covered the hard arms with foam.


Then she picked out a fur that was still luscious, but washable.


And now Makenna has her very own furlicious chair.


I think Makenna has the right idea.  Wouldn’t we all be a little happier working in a chair like this?

Kaethe’s Rocker

This rocker was in great shape, just a little faded and in need of an update.


This fabric from Waverly is the perfect update.


The piping was cut on the bias from the same fabric,


and I used it to finish the bottom for a more modern, updated look.


Desk Chair Revival

I am on vacation.  But, it is hard to see a piece of furniture with potential and pass it up.  We stayed with Jed and Karen (Mike’s brother) this week, and when I was passing through the garage I saw this beauty in the “Donation” pile.

127 128

It does have potential, doesn’t it? I love the vinyl back – it is very cool, but I’m into slipcovering, not re-upholstering. 


Karen might even paint the legs, just to give it a further update.


This Robert Allen fabric is great – perfect for a rainforest girl.  The piping and knife-edge pleats really finish it off.

The Reading Chair

Do you have one of these?


I really would be interested to know if there are any more of these in the world.  Right now, I know there are six.  These were part of my parents’ first furniture set – very modern – two were even done in a wild tropical print and it came with lights that looked like lamp posts.  They were purchased in 1980, and resided in our oh-so-modern split-level.

So, several of us have “inherited” them.  As you can see, they are well-loved and well-worn.  Babies have slept in them.  Adults have lounged in them.  But, what they are really most famous for is that kids read in them.  They are the famous reading chair in the Bates family.

We couldn’t just leave them like that, though, especially after 30+ years of reading.  So, of course we designed a slip-cover.  This is the second slipcover this chair has seen.

The fabric is Premier Prints Ozborne Robin/White

006 008

Really, anything can be slip-covered.  By the way, if you have a reading chair, I have the pattern.