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From Drab to Fab


So, after dying my fabric for my pillows, I have finally finished sewing them. . .  a little funky, but they’re growing on me.  I have always sewn my own slipcovers for pillows – it’s such an easy way to make a dramatic change to your living room.  But, I had always been a little apprehensive about adding piping.  My friend, Kirsten, talked me into adding it to a slipcover I was making – it really is very easy and gives your pillows a real, finished look.  I slipcover everything in my living room – another great way to make a big change, and it’s definitely more kid-friendly.

Last year, I found some fabric I loved and wanted to make a change to the chair in our living room.  I love the shape and size of the chair, but I had never liked the fabric.  So, I made a slipcover, complete with piping and here’s the result:

Before: IMG_2119   After: IMG_2116

So, if you’re interested in learning all about pillows and piping, please read on:

Supplies:  5/16” polyester cording, funky fabric cut to one inch larger than your pillow, pillow form, zipper (about the length of one of the sides of your cover)


To make the piping, simply cut strips the width you need to cover the cording, and use a zipper presser foot to sew a tight channel with the cording inside.  My strips were 2” wide.

IMG_2197 IMG_2198 IMG_2200

Next, sew the piping to the right side of one of the sides of your pillow.  You will want to start sewing, about 2 inches from the beginning of the piping.  The trickiest part of this will be getting the ends to meet, so your piping looks like one continuous edge.  You can find a great tutorial and video on this process here.  In fact, there are several videos all about piping that make it look really easy.

IMG_2206 IMG_2207

So, now you will have one plain square of funky fabric, and one piped square of funky fabric


Next, sew the zipper in.  This was actually a little tricky, I think I would prefer to make a box pillow with piping and zipper, but I was able to make it work


Now, with right sides together, start sewing where the zipper ends, make the corner, and sew around the remaining 3 sides.  Remember to keep your zipper side open a bit so that it makes flipping it right-side-out, easier.  I always like to double stitch to reinforce the seams.  Then turn it right-side out, insert pillow form, and you have a work of art.


I think I like the change . . .

Drab: IMG_2115  Fab: IMG_2240

O.K., maybe I’m exaggerating a little, but any change can add a little spice and perk up your space


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